Turn Key Projects

Emet OEM specializes in providing complete and comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of dynamic customer requirements.
As IT technology grows and becomes more complicated, product complexity increases for OEM customers. As such, legacy standalone servers and PCs aren’t sufficient.
More and more customers find themselves tackling complex problems related to performance needs, space constraints, integration, bandwidth/throughput, security issues, power supply and the eventual grouping of assorted components into a single, standalone turnkey product.
Emet OEM is uniquely positioned to solve all of these issues through its ability to harness the combined expertise of each of the Emet groups:

  • Servers and Computing – Emet OEM’s vast experience in the computing world aids us in choosing the ideal solution for each customer. From the endless options available, we know “the ins and outs” of systems from big brand names like Dell, to those from the white box vendors such as Supermicro and Intel. Our expertise includes low power solutions and unique processors such as GPUs and DSPs.
  • Storage and Backup – Emet is one of the largest providers of storage modules, which gives us access to the full range of available products to create ideally suited storage solutions for our customers. We are a tier-1 supplier for the large storage vendors, with solutions available from companies such as NetApp, Dell, Fusion-io, Symantec and more.
  • Networking and Security – Emet’s subsidiary, Spider Solutions, is one of the country’s largest networking and security solution houses. Through Spider, we are able to offer comprehensive architectural design capabilities and full integration with all of the networking and security options available in the market. Together with Spider’s “best of breed” offering, the company serves as an integrator for Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Symantec and many others.