Industrial Servers

Emet OEM offers a wide range of server systems and turnkey/customized solutions, from low-end to high-end. We have the knowledge and experience needed to lead any project for our customers. Our integration technicians, engineers and QA team are your your disposal. The products we market comes in with wide range of warranty:box to box replacement, advance RMA services, on site etc.
Our products are duly selected for the OEM market and the customer may choose from the cutting edge product to long lasting products with long life (up to 7 years), industrial solutions.

Emet is a tier-1 integrator for the largest international server vendors, including Dell (largest OEM vendor in the world), Intel (EPSD division),  and Supermicro . We have a wide variety of solutions, fast time to market, and extensive hardware knowledge. With expertise in off the shelf servers, any customization, NEBS & DC requirements, Emet OEM has the right solution for you.

If you need major brand name equipment with onsite support, we have a variety of Dell systems, which can be customized for your needs.