DC & NEBS servers

Emet OEM Solutions offers a wide range of server systems and turnkey/customized

Emet works with Intel (EPSD division), Supermicro for embedded, long life servers, including those designed to operate with a DC power supply. In addition we offer to our customers in the Network appliance field DC and NEBS ready solutions that varies from midrange to high end.

Our offerings also includes branded DC and NEBS offering:

As a tier-1 of Dell we provide standard off the shelf, rack mounted and blade solution for X86 architecture that are NEBS ready and comes with DC options, these offer best value for money in the market.
As a tier-1 partner of Oracle we sell our customers standard 1U/2U servers and a full ATCA blade solution that have underwent the full NEBS -3 certifications and a ready as off the shelf products for any Telco need demands.