Emet OEM Solutions offers wide range of GPU optimized servers for turnkey/customized solutions, from low-end to high-end. We have the knowledge and experience needed to lead any project for our customers. Our integration technicians, engineers and QA team are your best choice for implementing the right GPU card for you. We have direct contacts and close relationships with nVidia, AMD/ATI and others – providing the most cost-effective options using the right solution for your needs, most often with long-life longevity.

For example, DFI is offering a long-life card with 3-6 HDMI / DisplayPort connectors and an embedded ATI E6xxx chip, compatible with OpenCL/GL/DirectX. Supermicro and Tyan offer GPU optimized servers, supporting multiple GPU in a single chassis.

Our GPU knowledge and Windows and Linux means that Emet OEM Solutions is ready to support you with commercial graphic cards, embedded cards, GPGPU cards, Xeon Phi and more.