RAID Controllers

Emet OEM offers a wide range of RAID cards for turnkey/customized solutions, from low-end to high-end. We have the knowledge and experience needed to lead any project for our customers. Our integration technicians, engineers and QA team are your best choice for implementing the right RAID card for you. We have direct contacts and close relationships with LSI, Adaptec, ARECA and others – providing the most cost-effective options using the right solution for your needs.

With Intel, IBM and others using their RAID controllers, LSI is the de-facto standard in the industry. Thanks to our close relationship with LSI, we have direct access to the latest information about support, marketing, longevity, and other issues.

We also have experience in customizing customers needs with other RAID card manufacturers from the offering of Adaptec, which offers many  interesting multi-port cards with attractive features, and ARECA which is aimed at the lower part of the demands.

Regardless of the RAID card you choose, Emet OEM has the connections, knowledge and experience to support you in both Windows and Linux environments.

Host Bus Adapter LSI SAS 9211-8i-large imageadaptec_raid_3805_04933_01_adaptec_series_7_enterprise_raid_controllers_with_pcie_3_0_preview_full